Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scrubby bubby chunks!

I've come up with a solution to..... my baby wipe...solution...problem (thesaurus please). First of all, there is a limited shelf life to anything water based that does NOT contain a chemical preservative. There are oils that can help. But, nothing that will make it last a significant amount of time. Since there are people who do purchase my baby wipe solution as baby shower gifts that will, therefore, not be used for awhile, I'm in a pickle (which are preserved with salt, btw).

I've scoured my local resources and special secret online resources to find a natural, handmade soap that will produce the most bubbly, yummy-smelling, bottom-soothing concoction EVER! This particular batch contains oatmeal to sooth dry and irritated winter skin. For now, I'm selling this in small (yet high yielding) quantities of 12 nuggets, which will make 24 cups of solution.

To use, just dissolve one nugget in 2 cups of hot water, then pour over your wipes. Avoid making too much solution as it will start turning musty after a few days. I only make one cup of solution at a time. You can either slice your nugget in half (can't wait to see what google searches THAT phrase comes up in) or take it out of your hot water when it is about half dissolved and then let it dry.

Cloth baby wipes and my homemade solution are better for the earth and your baby than chemical-laden, expensive disposable wipes. Even if you don't cloth diaper or your children are out of diapers, you can still keep a box of cloth wipes and solution on your kitchen counter to clean up dirty hands and faces.


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Allie said...

The baby wipe solution sounds wonderful, Shanell!