Sunday, December 14, 2008

The best laid plans.....

It begins in August. Where will we go for our Christmas card picture? What color will we wear? Once the color is decided...what specifically will everyone wear? Then, we must schedule, of course, the photo session AND haircuts 2 weeks prior. Then, the shopping of the perfectly coordinated outfits (so that they look natural and not TOO coordinated).

Finally, the day arrives. Without fail, someone will have majorly injured a very visible body part the day before. Or, one year, someone in my family decided to cut her own hair the day OF pictures. In case you haven't guessed, the annual Christmas card photo is easily in the top 3 stressors in my life.

This year was no exception. We did outdoor shots in the late afternoon sun in October. The trees were beautiful. The lighting was beautiful. My children? Goofy smiles. The baby was cranky (because it was late and dinner time and almost bedtime). Katie was flat-out crying. For no reason. Cuz, she's Katie. She cries for no reason. That's how she rolls.

So, without further is our Christmas card picture. Taken tonight. In front of my tree. By me. No stress. No preparation. No pricey price tag. No injuries. No self-inflicted haircut. No crying.

Merry Christmas!

(from left, Katie, 6; Nathan, 4; Hannah, 10; Autumn, 1)

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Leah said...

beautiful! I need to get my 4 all neat and tidy and do the same asap, but you should see our tree, (decorated by the 4 of them, LOL!)